Barrow AFC Wins The Spot Against Torquay United

Barrow AFC Wins The Spot Against Torquay United
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Barrow AFC fans have become fond of the lucky number 7 since last month. They have witnessed their favorite team score 7-0 successes in the past weeks. The Bluebirds defeating Torquay United wasn’t an accident because minutes after the game they were defeated again. Every success was a milestone for the Barrow Association Football Club as the teams defeated are falling behind them.

At the starting 65 minutes of the game, it was not what we expected from the side of Ian Evatt. The turning point was when Elliott Sparrow, the referee, overruled the decision of his lineman in considering the goal of Kyle Cameron as an offside. He did that for the reason that the free-kick performed by Connor Lemonheigh Evans lightly hit the head of a Barrow.

Credit should be given to the Gulls for they have successfully disrupted their opponents by forcing them to make mistakes after mistakes that they have no plan of doing. The conditions of the game worsened, though the rain did help with the pitch as it made the ball move better dynamically on it.

The intensity of the game kept on increasing as the minutes pass by. Seventy-one minutes after, Barrow AFC leveled with their opponent when the cross of Brad Barry was moved by a defender from Torquay into Rooney’s path. Rooney wasn’t able to make a clean throw as the ball headed into the corner top.

That move was greeted with a cheer; but what cheered people the most was when the turnaround was finished by Quigley, as he excellently curved the ball pass through Lucas Covolan, the keeper.

The game in the span of ten minutes started with concern and ended in a bluster. Ten minutes was supposed to be the gap if it was the Bluebirds who won on Tuesday at Dover.

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