12 Apps Every Fan of MMA Needs to Own

12 Apps Every Fan of MMA Needs to Own
MMA is a fighting sport with good standing bag that has always been growing. Gone are the days of wishing real versions of your favorite arcade fighting video games when the rise of UFC and other MMA promotions have been unstoppable. Here are 12 apps that can help any fan be updated about the MMA world.Joe Lauzon MobileThis is a free app that features Joe Lauzon’s MMA teachings. It focuses on the Lauzon fighting style and also the strategies applicable.MMA TorchA free app that provides updates, it delivers the fresh news about the MMA world. As one of the earliest news applications concerning MMA, you can be informed very well about upcoming fights, previous match results and also persons being on the spotlights from all major MMA promotions.MMA UndergroundWith a cost of $1.99, you will be able to interact with other MMA fight fans through this app. Notable MMA personalities and analysts share their points of view regarding about MMA news and the related. Fans can finally express their piece of mind with people who understand what they are saying.TwitterOne of the main social media platforms, fans can follow their MMA idols and key personalities in order to be updated about their daily news and even the occasional opinions from their speaking minds.Bleacher Report Team StreamOne of the things fans like the most is viewing the highlights of the fights. This free app can let you stream all MMA contents from Bleach Report, from results, galleries up to the featured editorials.FacebookAnother social media giant, fans can receive all sorts of content. They may be news updates from sports channels, highlight videos compiled by other fans and also the promotion or even video blogs from your favorite MMA fighters. Facebook seems to have content so vast you will be having a hard time to filter them out.GSPThis is an app that features all about George St. Pierre and his fighting career. This includes his philosophies, MMA training, diet and even news updates about his whereabouts.MMAFightingIf you feel like you were only exposed to one view from a news app, try this another free news app that features updated news anything related about MMA. The interface is user-friendly so it will be easy for you to navigate.BJ PennThis is an app the features all about BJ Penn. If you are a fan of his, this is the app that provides you all of his news, MMA training and his video blogs.Bellator MMAConsidered as one of the diverse MMA promotions, the app provides you everything about Bellator. You can view their fighters’ profiles, fight results and upcoming match-ups and all other latest news.MMA JunkieIf you constantly access their website on a desktop, you can now browse their content through their free mobile app. It features not only news updates, but also important rumors and articles focusing on fighters with notable performances.UFC TVYou cannot be a MMA fan without even knowing UFC, the biggest MMA promotion ever. An app where you can watch video clips and even view live events, this is what an MMA fan or practitioner cannot miss out.ConclusionAs MMA is looking to be the forefront fighting sport in the world, the technological advances only fuel their progress. There is no denial that MMA is very popular. As a fan, these apps can satisfy most of your MMA cravings.

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