Sustainable use of Fertilizer Fundraising campaign opens

Sustainable use of Fertilizer Fundraising campaign opens

Devon’s local Agriculture Food and Tech business Elemental Digest (EDL) started crowdfunding to zero-waste fertilizer while keeping it sustainable and harmless to the environment. It specializes in the development of the fertilizer as well as nutrient recovery.

The idea of EDL is to make by-products sustainable using a zero-waste effective disposition. The fundraising could help in making the current process less costly, harmless to animal and human food chain, and environmentally friendly. The fundraising aims to open a site in Winkleigh and produce efficient products with economic and nutritional benefits.

Products made by EDL are reviewed, validated, and tested by the Rothamsted Research. EDL focused on making the waste product of the meat industry substantially useful for making soil quality productive. It also used a patented IES or Intelligent Enzymatic System which is helpful to add value to waste products.

Thallo, the product made by EDL, produces a high-quality, carbon-dense, micronutrient concentrated, and multi-compound fertilizer. It optimizes the quality of soil, increasing the plant yield, enhances the soil, and reduces the emission of the greenhouse. The creation uses a combination of chemical and technical processes.

EDL’s core purpose is to help reduce organic waste and add value to by-products which will result in future investments. By-products end up in landfill due to the high cost of abattoirs. EDL drives to make a solution that helps abattoirs by-product and make a valuable impact.

Within 4 days, EDL has garnered 384 investors, 7.43% equity, and raised a fund of €1,204,750. It hopes to help farmers, horticulturists, and amenity owners improve agricultural production. The new site in Winkleigh is a strategically innovative development for the environmentally friendly Agri-Food Tech sector.

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