Papillon Gin Receives Gold Award

Papillon Gin Receives Gold Award

During the latest International Wine and Spirits Competition, the makers of Papillon Gin are pleased to have won a Gold Award. Among over 700 gins who participated in the event, only 32 have received a Gold award. With this award, the distillery has been motivated to produce better quality liquor to people. The accomplishment that they acquired as a small distillery made them realize that they are on their way to being recognized by more customers and possibly other people from around the globe.

Papillon Gin was named after a Dartmoor butterfly that is currently endangered. Having adopted the name, they also vowed to contribute a percentage of their profits to its conservatory to keep the butterflies alive as well as to protect them from going extinct. Additionally, the Papillon Gin is pretty similar to a London Dry which is flavoured with various aromatics like orris root and coriander to produce its distinct flavour. On the other hand, Papillon has been distilled with at least 17 botanicals including chamomile, hawthorn berries, and moor which gives it a complex taste.

Also, the small distillery only uses spring water to make their products, thus adding depth to the flavour of the gin. Specifically, the spring water used is sourced from an open hill near the production area where a certain species of butterfly frequent to. Consumers can really tell the taste difference between other gin brands because the distillery only uses fresh water to make the Papillon Gin.

The distillery is managed and operated by Adam Hyne and his wife Claire. The couple wanted to own a business that is environmentally responsible while producing the best liquor for their customers. Environment-conscious people will be happy to know that they use cardboard instead of plastic containers as packaging and uses cellulose instead of the usual plastic seals on their bottles.

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