Ontario Provincial Police Charged Husband and Wife of Theft for About $400000

Ontario Provincial Police Charged Husband and Wife of Theft for About $400000

Temiskaming Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has finally reached the pit stop of their months of investigation, with William Terentiuk and his wife Jo-Anne Terentiuk.  The 48-year-old husband and 46-year-old wife are facing the case of theft for about 400,000 dollars from a bank account. According to Alexandra Jackson, a police officer of Temiskaming Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the heinous crime happened between the months of April and June of last year in Temiskaming Shores. William and Jo-anne are both living in the township of Harris, a small town just a few meters outside of New Liskeard.

The Temiskaming Detachment of Ontario Provincial Police, together with the Temiskaming Crime Unit, reported that the thorough investigation started last December 27, 2018, for the case of theft for the two. The charges are the conclusion of their thorough investigation of the two. Allegedly, Mr. Terentiuk and Mrs. Terentiuk have used the bank account of the victim in their wrongdoings. Mr. Terentiuk, 48 years old, is facing nine accounts of robbery for over 5000 dollars and his wife Mrs. Jo-Anne, 46 years old, will also face two counts of theft below 5000 dollars

The Temiskaming Power Sports are co-owned by the couple which just transferred to another location near Highway 11. The Temiskaming police have not indicated if the business was also included in their investigation. The couple is not yet guilty until proven in court. William and Jo-Anne are scheduled to appear on October 8, 2019, before the Ontario Court of Justice in the Temiskaming Shores. The couple has yet to talk regarding the allegations they are facing. The Ontario Provincial Police will be looking in the case, and should there be other victims of the couple just contact the Ontario Provincial Police station.

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