Opening in Puxton, Somerset – World’s Only Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs & Swim Spas Showroom

Opening in Puxton, Somerset – World’s Only Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs & Swim Spas Showroom

Are you a fan of swimspas and hot tubs? If you are, then be ready for the newly opened swimspas showroom and hot tubs in Puxton, Somerset. What makes these unique is that they’re not like your typical spa and hot tub place because they’re self-cleaning ones. These amazing models are from Hydropool, so you can definitely say that they’re of high-quality.

Spa lovers, Eloise and David Hayes, are dedicated to providing people with a place to relax in a luxurious atmosphere such as their swimspas and hot tubs. Today, they’re set to bringing their amazing business across the border during the opening of their showroom in Puxton. To celebrate this day, they prepared a weekend event full of exclusive deals, nibbles, fizz, and even the chance to take a dip in the showroom spas and hot tubs.

David Hayes, in an interview, mentioned that they’re offering a wide range of models so that they can accommodate all types of requirements, making Hydropool an affordable luxury that a lot can benefit from. With the showroom now open and it’s eventual expansion, he hopes that they will be able to give everyone a chance to experience this kind of luxury – dipping in the hot tubs and, of course, having wine too!

What makes this an exciting grand opening is that they are offering something new to the public. Hydropool, after all, offers the first self-cleaning models, so maintenance is easier. If you’re interested to get one of your own, you can do that by checking out their service packages, which includes chemicals and accessories that you’ll need during the installation.

To truly understand what Hydropool offers, you can visit the showroom and experience a dip or two in these tubs and spas. So, don’t miss out on this stimulating jet-fueled event.

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