Matalan’s New Store in Cheltenham

Matalan’s New Store in Cheltenham

Cheltenham residents posted their disappointment about Matalan’s closure to Facebook after they have learned from July that the store will only be there until September. One resident shared how much she loves Matalan and that she goes there all the time. While the other said that it was a shame for they already have enough Lidl in town and also expresses how much she loves Matalan.

After Matalan closed last September 8, many customers have been shocked. However, Matalan was still hoping to stay in the town of Cheltenham and now, they have actually found a new place.

Matalan wanted to set its shop at Gallagher Retail Park in Tewkesbury Road, and they have already submitted a planning application to Cheltenham Borough Council. Matalan’s spokesperson said it is actively seeking an alternative location in the area. He further added that they prefer the new store to be around Tewkesbury Road.

They wanted to occupy the former site of Outfit who holds Topshop, Topman, Burton, and Miss Selfridge. The landlord of Outfit’s unit is seeking a new tenant because Arcadia, owner of Outfit, is subjected to a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

Matalan was able to sell some additional items such as clothes, a limited range of china products, glassware, toiletries, toys, and gifts because of the variation from Outfit to Matalan. The new store is beside Boots and Hobby Craft opposite Sainsbury’s.

Lidl, a German supermarket brand, revealed that they wanted to relocate on former Matalan’s site on Swindon Road, from their current location Grosvenor Terrace location in the town centre; however, the whole Matalan site will not be occupied by Lidl. The site would be divided, and Lidl will be occupying the bigger unit facing the Swindon Road. Nevertheless, it is still unclear as to what shop will join Lidl in the former site of Matalan in Swindon Road, but a document for planning application was passed to Cheltenham Borough Council in support of Lidl objecting to a Tree Preservation Order.

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