How To Take Your Small Business Online

How To Take Your Small Business Online
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Whether you already have a successful enterprise or you are ready to take your business idea to the next level, given that 78% of all UK adults use the internet to find information about goods and services, you would be best served to set up a solid online presence.

Taking you business online allows you to stay open 24/7, opening your product or service up to potential out-of-hours customers.  It also gives you a solid foundation for building your brand, allowing you to build a loyal customer base with which you can communicate with on a regular basis, in order to increase sales.

But where do you start?  You may already have an online presence in the way of a Facebook page or an Etsy store, but building a successful website requires a bit more planning if you’re going to stand out from all the competition out there.  Here are some tips.

Make Yourself Easy to Find

Search in Google for the product or service that you plan to offer and look closely at the results that come up.  Which of the websites stand out to you?  Check the domain names and make a note of the ones that are catchy and easy to remember.  Remember that your domain name needs to describe what you offer.

Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

Considering that around 62% of shoppers use their mobile phones to make purchases these days, it is essential that your website is easy to read and navigate from a mobile device.

Keep Your Design Simple

You have around 15 seconds before the average user will leave your webpage.  A sharp and simple design with short, concise paragraphs that are balanced with clear graphics to present a clean page where visitors can grasp your main message within those first 15 seconds is vital.

Make Your Tab Stand Out

If you are reading this article on a desktop or a laptop, the chances are that you have multiple tabs open at this very moment.  The average user will have several tabs open – social media, email, shopping, etc. – at any one time, so it’s important that you use a favicon design like the ones found at Oberlo, which will be instantly recognisable to your customers.  A quick glance at your tabs, and you will instantly recognise the blue ‘F’ for Facebook, or indeed, Google’s iconic ‘G’.

Have A Clear Call to Action

The success or failure of your website can hinge on this very important factor.  Remember the 15 second rule.  That is all the time you have to tell your visitor what your product or service is, convince them that they need to purchase through you and give them a clear call to action to do so.  Don’t make your readers scroll down the page to find the button that calls them to action. Have it at the top, in an uncluttered space that draws the eye.

These are just some of the points that anyone who is hoping taking their business to the next level need to consider.  This is, however, not an exhaustive list, and should you be considering putting together a webpage for your business, it may be worth employing the services of a professional web developer in order to help get your online business off the ground and onto the internet.

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