Exeter Tech Hub and Coffee Shop Plan for Historic City Center Building

Exeter Tech Hub and Coffee Shop Plan for Historic City Center Building

Paternoster House is a historical landmark home to the old Store Twenty One that might eventually house a landmark technological hub for Exeter.

The building was once owned by outfitters Cornish’s, as well as Store Twenty One and Snappy Snaps. With some renovations, the building will be utilized to build a tech hub, coffee shop, and apartment rooms. Paternoster was able to withstand the German Blitz and is located by the corner around the area of Fore and North Street. The proposal for the tech hub is intended to promote accelerated growth in social business for workers in the city. This would be a space to give entrepreneurs the means to train, network and successfully finance enterprises and organizations while creating a suitable environment for conducive work. Even as an economic benefit, this project aims to give experience to workers as well as improve the culture of the city. The plan is to provide sustained development for the residential area that would improve the ruined house and give it a sense of purpose in the modern day. The building will improve the area’s quality of life while retaining the historical aspect of the house. This endeavour is not simply a business venture but a communal one. The project would cultivate a sense of drive to a mission that promotes a wider society. In one interview, Cornish’s Outfitters mentioned having mended some trousers that belonged to a member of the Bilderberg Group. Paternoster has been around since the late 1800s, having been the home of Cornish & Co until it was closed in 1991. The name, which is Latin for “Our Father”, referred to a type of lift within the building. Exeter City’s government has yet to decide on whether or not to approve the plans being laid out for the area.

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