Wiltshire Council Promises to Support Young People Leaving Care Into Adulthood


Young people in Wiltshire, who are moving out of care, have been promised support into adulthood by the Wiltshire council during the launch of Wiltshire council’s Care Leaver Promise at the county hall during the week. The launch coincided with the national Care Leavers Week which ended on October 31.

The launch was backed by a promise to help the young people find suitable work, accommodation, transport and access to leisure activities. Commitments also include no council tax for care leavers until they are 25 years old, mentorship programme that will help them adjust into independent living and partnership with the Building Bridges Programme, which is aimed at helping disadvantaged young people find suitable and well paying jobs.

Cabinet member for children’s services, Laura Mayes, has this to say about the initiative: “We want to be there to support our young people leaving care as they become adults with all the opportunities and new responsibilities that involves.”

Corporate director for children and education, Terence Herbert, added: “It was great to meet the young people who were attending and talk to them about the promise. They are really keen to be involved in shaping the promise for the future which is good news as this means together we can continue to provide the right support as they move onto the next stage in their lives.”

The Care Leaver Promise is a laudable initiative and will build on the success of the existing care programme in the county, especially as it provides the guarantee of continuous support for the young people who will be leaving care and finding their way into adulthood.



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