This is why popular Spanish restaurant in Bath has been shut for weeks


Contrary to fears by residents of Bath City, Ole Tapas – one of two restaurants of the same name in the city, has not been permanently shut down. The Spanish restaurant (which was opened earlier this year on Saw Close) has in fact been out of service for a few weeks, giving room for city-wide speculations. Going by the recent closures of other restaurants in the city – Yo! Sushi, Carluccio’s, and Cau – the people fearing the worst was not misplaced.

Bath Live news house reached out to the staff of Ole Tapas to get the facts of the story. Staff pointed out that the problem was with pipes in the kitchen, and that repairs were in full swing. Also, he reported that the kitchen is being refurbished, but is uncertain when the work will be finished. He noted that the problem started some three weeks ago.

Learning the true story of the situation brought relief to residents of the area as they expressed their joy that the closure was only temporary. One spoke about the trend of restaurant closures in Bath and was glad that this wouldn’t be joining the growing list. Ole Tapas may not be rated 5 star on Trip Advisor or ranked in the top 10 of restaurants in Bath, but it certainly is a restaurant the people of Bath City would like around for a long time to come.


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