Taunton Flower Show this 2019


This week, a flower show will be happening in Taunton. This 2-day event will be filled with a lot of floral displays, stalls, demonstrations, live entertainment, and the like. Founded and started in 1831, this flower show celebrates with people the wonders of gardening, harvesting, and so much more. Until now, as the love of such amongst people is still around, the Flower Show still perseveres and continues to welcome people of all ages and classes.

At the show, one can smell the fragrances from the flowers and marvel at how beautiful the garden and flower arrangements are. This is especially a treat for those who love to garden and adore plants and flowers. This is the perfect event to get some inspiration and meet new people and just simply have fun.

These are the main attractions in the show. However, there’s more to this show than just flowers. Entertainment is also given to the audiences, and this comes in the form of a BMX show where riders will showcase their tricks on the bike.

The Essex Dog Display will also be present. Here, people can enjoy watching the cute dogs as they perform their amazing tricks.  And for those who want to dance around with friends and family, marching bands will be present until the end of the show, so be prepared to enjoy some rousing tunes.

For those who are interested, the Taunton Flower Show this 2019 will be held at the Vivary Park. This will start on August 2, Friday, and end on August 3, Saturday. Members can already come as early as 9:30 in the morning. For the general public, they can come at 10:30 in the morning. Everyone can enjoy the festivities in this show until 6:00 in the evening.


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