Somerset Authorities seeking to amend the Liquor laws

Somerset Authorities seeking to amend the Liquor laws

With stricter authoritative laws, liquor shops are finding it hard to run their businesses in the neighborhood of Somerset city.

According to the current law, no shop should be allowed a license to sell alcohol if it is located within 300 feet of a Somerset school, a public library, a youth center, or a place of worship. This is effective only on new applicants and not on current license owners.

What is the authorities’ demand?

The authorities are seeking to reduce the limit of the buffer zone to 200 feet in order to ease the pressure on new applicants and alcohol businesses.

With new churches popping up in every corner of the city and especially strip malls, local store owners are having a hard time complying with the county licensing board in order to get a license and conduct their business peacefully.

While there were demands by some members to eradicate the limit completely, the committee did not want to take such an extreme step. However, the proposed regulation was easily passed in the lower chamber of the parliament.

What is the next step?

The proposed bill was one of the four other bills that were to be presented in the upcoming session by Somerset County Commissioners.

The other related bills looked to increase the license commissioner’s salaries and give more financial leeway to the Somerset liquor board. The final bill was a demand to post the commissioners in their elected region only.

The country liquor board members made this demand in order to stay competitive with the neighboring region boards such as those of Virginia and Delaware. Also, they demanded a hike that has been pending for several years now.

Overall, all the bills had a positive response in both the houses and look good to gain unanimous approval by them.

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