Avon and Somerset Police Award New 8-Million-Pound Contract to Sodexo


The catering and cleaning contract for Avon and Somerset Police has been retained by Sodexo. The deal has extended the contract for five years, and it is valued at eight million pounds.

Sodexo will now be responsible for catering and cleaning services to 2,500 police officers at Avon and Somerset police and 500 police community support officers. The service firm will also cater to the special constables spread out in more than 48 different sites.

Sodexo and the region police have partnered for over seven years, and the five-year contract extension will bring the relationship to 13 years at the end of the new contract.

Paul Anstey, the chief executive at Sodexo UK and Ireland, and the government and agencies department said that the award for a contract extension has shown that the company is trusted by the Avon and Somerset Police and other organization to provide catering and cleaning services. The second opportunity to provide the services has made the company very proud, and they intend to deliver on the contract fully.

Anstey was anxious to resume the partnership with Avon and Somerset Police and continue to improve and maintain the quality of life of the police force through innovative solutions that are environmentally sustainable.

The procurement manager, Helen Glanville, was confident that the catering and cleaning firm would meet the new requirements of providing cleaning services to different properties of the police force spread out extensively and also provide quality catering services to two Avon and Somerset police sites.

The current contract is in its seventh year, and the firm is looking to continue with the relationship, but this time, their services will ensure that the environment is not affected by their activities. The company will also embrace the new technological innovations that will be appropriate for the provision of its services.


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