A Fundraising Campaign for Leah Wilson


The supposed-to-be happy holiday for Leah during her stay in Tenerife, Spain, became a tragic moment for her family and to the whole Bridgwater community.

On Monday, August 12, tragic news was sent to a family in Bridgwater by Tenerife police. Involved in this is the 17-year-old Leah Wilson. She was a student of Robert Blake Science College – one of the biggest colleges located at Bridgwater, Somerset.

Leah Wilson is a resident of Bridgwater who has stayed for Spain a few days ago for a short vacation. She allegedly traveled alone but with the consent of her parents. She was a beautiful, bright young woman and a model student at her college.

The young British woman died, never to come back to see her family and to be in her hometown again.

In connection to that, her family launched a fundraising event to help bring their beloved daughter home. Not more than 24 hours after the appeal, her family already received more or less than £8,000 as donations. Donations as of today inflated to reach about £20,000.

Her friends and College colleagues showed their love and support to the late Leah Wilson by donating funds and administering fundraising propagandas on social media.

Her family grieves with the whole Bridgwater community. This incident is still under the investigation of Tenerife Police, and Devon and Cornwall Police are observing and keeping in touch with the Spanish authorities for possible anomalies.

Rest assured that the Foreign and Commonwealth office is keeping in touch with the Spanish government to help bring the teenager’s body home. The family is hopeful for the faster transactions and negotiations with the Spanish Authorities. There is nothing that they wish for more than to give their Leah Wilson a rightful and proper funeral.

For donations, you may reach her family on facebook and you may like their fundraising facebook page to keep you posted and updated about further details.



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