M&S Foodhall Opening in Bristol – A Total Success

M&S Foodhall Opening in Bristol – A Total Success

One good indication that a business is successful, or at least will be, is having a long queue of customers patiently waiting outside for its opening.

That’s exactly what happened in the M&S Foodhall’s opening in Bristol. You can say the store’s fans were ecstatic to find out that their favorite store will have a branch in their city, hence the hundreds of customers lined up just outside the store for its opening.

Another reason for the long queue is the “Golden Ticket” given to the first 100 customers.  These tickets offer various promos which include “spend today” vouchers that are worth £5 and £25, one gift card worth £200, and two £100 gift cards.

However, even if one was not lucky or early enough to get a Golden Ticket, they can still enjoy the products the store offers. The new store houses hundreds, if not thousands, of food products – from M&S Detroit Pizzas, which is one of the family dinner favorites, to seasonal products, everything is at hand.

But, it’s not only food that M&S offers. If you’re not into food much, you can still enjoy the store as they offer clothing and home products as well.  The better news is that you won’t even have to go to the store itself to purchase something. M&S has its Click and Collect service wherein customers can order the clothing or home product that they want and have it delivered to their doorstep the next day, given that the order was made before 10 pm the previous day. You can find this service on the M&S website.

M&S Bristol store manager Greg O’Connor stated how hard their team had worked in preparation for the opening and how happy they were with how the community welcomed the opening of their store. He said that their store had many to offer and that they’re very excited to be a part of the Bristol community, promising to give the best service that they can.

The M&S store is located at 40a Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2AZ.

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