The Blue Moon Music Club in Cheltenham Gets a Plaque

The Blue Moon Music Club in Cheltenham Gets a Plaque

The Blue Moon Music Club in Cheltenham, a nightclub where famous people like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who played, just recently received a plaque. Opened in July 1965 and ended on May 1967, this nightclub was a popular place where young artists played and eventually became big names in the music industry. Because of this, many had thought about how worthy the music nightclub is.

John Norman, the former owner of the said club, mentioned that the place was like the Wild West. He told in an interview how different bands were breaking all over the place and are playing in the Blue Moon Music Club. During the event, even Steve Winwood, who used to play in the nightclub in 1965 with the Spencer Davis Group, dropped by to take a look.

Winwood stated how the venue, so unknown at that time, ended up becoming one of the places in the UK where rock and roll began.

As the nightclub received the plaque, it was then unveiled outside 170 High Street. On this paving slab, the nightclub was once built here. During the event, Norman said how this was great for Cheltenham. After all, it’s their heritage, showing Cheltenham at its best. He also mentioned how as people walk by, they’ll remember how significant the place is.

Norman, together with Eddie, his late brother, and Bill Reid, a business partner, built and ran this amazing, historical place. So, as a dedication and a celebration of Cheltenham, the plaque was offered. It was commissioned and was organized and paid by the Blue Moon Society.

During the unveiling, Norman added that the nightclub wouldn’t gain recognition without the customers who made everything possible. He appreciated how the customers of the nightclub showed up to give their support, celebrating with them their success and acknowledgement.


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