Police Tracking Down the Suspect for a Wounding Incident at Gloucestershire

Police Tracking Down the Suspect for a Wounding Incident at Gloucestershire

Police offered assurance to Gloucester citizens as they pursue the person liable to the wounding case happened afternoon of June 9, 2019.

The policemen of Gloucestershire were summoned to India Road, Tredworth, last Sunday around 4 pm where residents found a guy, around the age of 30, had been wounded.

Inquiries are ongoing to track down the suspect. Gloucestershire Police Force confirmed that the suspect had fled the scene, which had happened just a few minutes after 4 pm.

In connection with the current police investigation, the police were seen a while after at an address near Tuffley.

According to the spokeswoman of Gloucestershire Police Department, at around 4.15pm, last Sunday, 9th of June, they received an incident report in India Road, Tredworth wherein a guy had been wounded.

The emergency facilities attended the wounded guy, aged around the 30s, and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital to treat his wounds.

A search is in progress to trace and apprehend the suspect who had just escaped.  The investigation is ongoing. Currently, this incident does not pose a broader threat to the community.

Any eyewitnesses or any person who might have a piece of information regarding the incident were requested to call and report to the police on the 101 emergency hotline.

The spokeswoman of Gloucestershire Police Department added that around 9 pm on the same day, a person has was arrested on the grounds of assisting the suspect to commit his crime. He is now in the custody of the police for further interrogation. They also said that, as of this moment, no further details would be released.

India Road was shut off while the police conduct the investigation. One public civilian saw the police working at the site. Police tapes and several police cars can be seen across the streets.

Gloucestershire Police Department is expected to issue an update report on the incident shortly.

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