Gloucestershire mum thanks blood donor for saving her life

Gloucestershire mum thanks blood donor for saving her life

Emily Pringle of Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, was involved in a 120-mile-per-hour crash on July 12, 2018, while driving her black Audi Q5 along A40 on her way to Thame. It was supposed to be her first day at work when she had the accident. Emily had lost lots of blood and had 27 broken bones. She suffered a ruptured carotid artery, which made her lose blood fast.

As the clock ticked for Emily, two transfusions kept her alive while firefighters raced to cut her free from the wrecked car. She was then transported via a helicopter to the Southmead Hospital in Bristol. After almost a month of hospital stay, the strong 42-year old mum of one survived despite having all the life-threatening injuries, including a perforated spleen and liver, 27 broken bones, and ruptured carotid artery.

Emily’s Blessing

Karl Kellner, a 34-year old graphic designer from Stafford, had just donated blood days before Emily’s crash. One of the five units of blood that Emily badly needed was from Karl’s donation.

After almost a year after the crash, Emily met Karl at the Birmingham Donor Center in an event by the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) to encourage more people to donate blood. Emily told Karl that she is very thankful because his blood donation was a major help to keep her alive during her grueling ordeal. Karl shared that meeting the person you saved is an amazing experience for him.

Blood Donation is Important

Emily added that the blood changed her life forever. Karl and Emily urged people to give more blood as it can help save a person’s life. Both encouraged more males to donate blood as a man can donate blood as much as every 12 weeks while a woman has to have an interval of 16 weeks period before she can donate again.


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