Gloucester Tied Horse has now been Moved


Shelton, the horse that was seen tethered near the flats of St. Oswalds Road in Gloucester has been moved and returned back to its field. This was done as concerned neighbors sought help from RSPCA and the Gloucestershire County Council to remove the poor horse from where it’s situated. Currently, Shelton is now staying in River Twyver in a field behind Longhorn Avenue and opposite from Old Spot Walk.

Beforehand, the council sent an inspector to check on the horse. However, despite being left on the side of the road, the inspector did not see any signs of neglect on the horse. Even if the horse does not have any form of abused, the council still urged the owner to place Shelton in a suitable place and that it must be moved away from the highway to prevent any possible accidents.

Luckily, the concerned neighbors took care of the horse before it was moved. The residents in the area gave the horse water and food every night. Some even checked on the horse early in the morning before leaving for work and them coming back at night for feeding. Other residents also gave the horse shelter by propping some cardboards to serve as a windbreak in case the weather gets too cold and harsh.

As RSPCA inspected the horse, they gave the owner a notice regarding some issues they detected. RSPCA warned the owner that he should ensure that the head collar for the horse should have a swivel device. At the moment, Shelton has not been taken to the vet for further inspection yet.

While tethering horse is not deemed as illegal in the United Kingdom, RSPCA still encourages owners to be more responsible in picking a suitable tethering area for their horses.


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