16-year-old girl, prohibited from obtaining a provisional driving licence due to a birth certificate error

16-year-old girl, prohibited from obtaining a provisional driving licence due to a birth certificate error
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16-year-old Hannah Spillane from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire has been unable to obtain a provisional driving licence all because of a few errors on her birth certificate, effectively preventing her from riding her new scooter.

Rebecca, Hannah’s mother, stated that she has kept three copies of Hannah’s birth certificate, though only one of them doesn’t have any errors.

According to Rebecca, it might take a little time for the Cheltenham Register Office to correct the errors and allow Hannah to finally get a provisional licence and legally ride her scooter. She also stated that the error also prevented Hannah from getting a passport, thereby cancelling their plans of going for a summer holiday to Spain.

Rebecca expressed her disappointment on this matter, stating that they have bought the scooter so her daughter can get to college with ease. However, given the current situation, they will have to put up with a bus pass which costs £500.

Hannah was issued a correct birth certificate after her date of birth which was on August 30, 2003. However, in March 2009, her mother had to re-register her along with her brother in Cheltenham. It was back then when she was given an incorrect birth certificate.

Upon accepting the new certificate which was enclosed in an envelope, her mother didn’t even bother checking it until Hannah needed it for the driving licence application.

Hannah’s father, Steve, mentioned that they didn’t even check the certificate as there’s no practical reason. After all, the correct information was already confirmed in the computer before being printed off.

They were able to find Hannah’s original certificate. Unfortunately, it was only small and they require the full one for the application. When they checked it, they were shocked to find that it has Hannah’s wrong birth date on it.

Rebecca requested the registrar to make the appropriate corrections but was given a certain fee and timescale for it to finish. However, she disputed the fees and timescale involved. Fortunately, the Gloucestershire County Council agreed to waive the fee.

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