Artist John Graham’s work on display at Dorset County Hospital

Artist John Graham’s work on display at Dorset County Hospital

A famous local artist will amaze the people of Dorset County through his works of art in the county hospital.

John Graham is a master of producing paintings that show the ways in which hand gestures convey much emotion and the different relationships people have with one another.

The artist said that his series of paintings were intended to show people that two or more hands following a pattern can say a lot of things without the need for words. This form of expression is unique as it looks into the hidden language hands show.

He also notes that his closeness to the locale is what made him choose the county hospital as the venue for his exhibit.

His experiences in the county have made him relate to the cycles of birth and death within the hospital which he wants to impart with the patients through his works.

This is also considering that the hospital is as a place full of all kinds of emotions.

John had also displayed his works in exhibitions with the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour in London as well as the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol.

The Trust’s Arts in Hospital was helpful in making the exhibit possible, noting that John’s work has been widely enjoyed by the people in the hospital. As the hands show human connection, they bring a sense of comfort to the people who see them.

Arts in Hospital is intended to bring patients closer to arts and make the hospital a more vibrant community where people can thrive and breathe in culture and art.

The exhibition is going to be around all summer and is located in the North Wing Level 2 corridor to the Damers Restaurant until Saturday, August 31.

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