Grade II listed converted church for sale in Devon

Grade II listed converted church for sale in Devon

This old church has become a homey place for anyone who is interested, that is if you do not mind the graveyard.

The Grade II listed church had been converted into a house. Located in the village of Tiverton in Devon, the church has been put on the market for people to buy.

It has three bedrooms and a beautiful garden that has by its side a cemetery of all things which was littered with crosses and tombstones of past tenants. Beyond the graveyard is an olive green door made of wood that is quite different from the brickwork shown.

Within the seemingly ancient church are modern conveniences. There is a bathroom that looks like it was crafted in modern times and a large dining area for the family. In spite of how the church had been converted into a house, a lot of the original features remain. You can enjoy the beautiful stain-glassed windows and spiral staircase that existed in its heyday. Above you is an arched ceiling of wood that is etched with the church’s history.

There are other features worth mentioning such as a bench area, wooden cabinets, and stone faces on the outside wall. This house is an ideal place to immerse yourself in a rich history.

If you go upstairs, you can see that the bedrooms are quite big and hold enough space. They each offer a wonderful view of the gardens which is the highlight of the house. You can enjoy a fancy country retreat away from the bustling noise of urban life.

Tiverton itself is a nice town with a number of historic castles and houses as well as great tearooms to stop by. The local market has some goods. If you fancy a walk around, you can soak in that tranquility.

The house is currently worth £650,000 and can be bought from

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