Garden City is Now Operating in Devon


The Sydney-based café, Garden City, has opened a new café in Brisbane. This world-class operator has seen Devon on the spotlight by other investors. According to Zachary Tan, co-owner of Garden City, the move brings a smile to many, as this is the right direction in the operations of the business. The business is not copying concepts by other rivals in the area, but they are on the verge of taking advantage of the services that are lacking in Devon.

Demographics of Devon

Devon is highly populated hence, offering a variety of clients to the café. They are planning to tap into the food-loving multiculturalism arena. According to Tan, the people of Devon are expected to be happy about this move as they will have a chance to enjoy different flavours in a multicultural dish.

The venue of the café is the best. It has a capacity of 80 clients at a time with a brilliant furnishing on an open place to allow natural lighting for the customers.

Special Meals for the Guests

The meals will be prepared by a team of experienced specialists led by Michael Le. The most notable foods in the café are the famous shellfish bisque and caviar, salmon and a smoked-eel croquette. A delicious breakfast wouldn’t be enough without eating miso-grilled salmon, Sakuma, eggs and smoked croquette. A radish salad and kewpie mayonnaise is a good accompaniment.

The lunch dish comprises of squid-ink pasta tossed with crab, prawns and cream sauce. Who can’t enjoy such a meal? The second option is tenderloin with puree and mushrooms. The barramundi can be served with zucchini basil.

For those who are a fan of coffee, Devon has the best quality blend. During the day, drinks are available in the café where you will be served with the best quality beverages.


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