An Exeter Pub Asked to be Given a “One Last Chance”

Rob Purvis

Residents have called the Half Moon pub in Exeter as “Wild West.” It has been named as such because of unbearable incidents in the community pub. The residents brought their complaints about The Half Moon to the officials. The allegations had caused the pub a revocation of license for three months since September last year.

An investigation was executed on January 10, 2020. It investigated the policy, rules, complaints, and supervision of the said pub. The Exeter City Council discussed the future of pub with the owners and residents. Upon the investigation, claims like drug transactions, brawls, burglaries, and assaults became awful for the residents’ safety. It also caused inconvenience for the businesses near the pub because of its dangerous atmosphere.

Upon the discussion, the pub’s owner apologized for the disruptions and complications the pub had caused. It also wished to have a “one last chance” to make things right.  The owner recognized the pub’s negligence and promised new regulations with proper supervision.

One of the residents expressed his disappointment. He said that the future of the pub, once it started operating again, will still be the same. He narrated his own experiences in living nearby the pub. He shared the trouble nights with loud noise and the uneasiness feeling of walking in front of the pub. Over the five years, he felt safe by walking in front of the pub when it temporarily closed.

Addressing the reports and complaints, the Exeter Council imposed new regulations for the next opening of the pub. The new rule includes the new closing hours, which is by 11:30 pm, operation clearing by 9:30 pm, better supervision to the door, number of staff, and mandatory communication with the police.

The residents may think that the pub will never change even after its temporary closing. However, the management and owner of the pub still promised to do what is right.


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