Barnstaple Welcomes the Pizza Maker of the Stars


Barnstaple welcomed the pizza craze that took over; even the super of stars like Olympian Jenny Jones and singer Rita Ora participated. Stoned Pizza, founded by 23-year old Tom Honey, started his pizza empire at the age of 15 on the beach shores of Croyde. He has now about 45 staff serving gourmet pizza to campers and families at parks and beaches in Croyde. He is very eager with his new venture, Stoned Pizza takeaway store at Barnstaple.

According to Tom, his business depends on the strength of tourism. Therefore, to make sure that his company thrives and succeeds, the quality of their product should be superb and the location should be chosen carefully. Moreover, to increase the brand’s popularity, Tom hosted pizza making classes at the famous Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, which is quite near Beckham’s country pile.

Tom shared that Stoned Pizza is not an overnight success. It took him years of hard work to get him to where he is now.  He started with selling pizza, brewing coffee, and then building a pizza empire; throughout his journey, there have been so many hits and misses.

As his pizza became a hit, it got the attention of the high-end brand Jack Will’s Rob Shaw. Shaw invested in the restaurant from his bank funding from Virgin Money and Natwest.

Tom plans to open a series of shops in Bristol. At this moment, Tom’s pizza parlour is already sure-fire hit at North Devon’s holiday parks. However, one of his concerns is North Devon’s seasonal flux in business that is quite challenging for food business like the Stoned Pizza. While he wants to make his business in Devon permanent, his challenge is to maintain his staff all year round. Another struggle is the unstable weather; but, according to Tom, there is always a learning curve if you are doing business.


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