Ashcombe Country Cottages begins Litter Picking Day


Ralph Rayner, owner of Ashcombe Country Cottages, launched a Litter Picking Day which helps combat scattered trashes and make a clean-up on the edge of Ashcombe estate located in Devon. A team from and Bluechip Holidays has seen the clean-up and started to join the event.

The clean-up event started in the border of Ashcombe Estate around Teignmouth road to B3192 main Exeter in Dawlish. During the cleaning, a huge amount of garbage has been picked up and collected. The following trashes collected are as follows:

  • Costa Coffee cups
  • McDonald’s packaging
  • Destroyed garden chair
  • Door-mirrors
  • Glass bottles
  • Cans
  • Discarded shorts
  • Plastic bottles
  • Pile of assorted garbage

A total of 13 bags of garbage have been collected in just over one and a half hour. These bags of trash have thought to be thrown by passing vehicles. Concerned for this garbage have increased since it might cripple tourism and could potentially destroy the beauty of Devon. All these garbage are collected in the roadside woods and verges with a span of half a mile.

According to Ralph Rayner, the countryside is full of natural beauty and wonders and so the rubbish collected thrown by inconsiderate people is alarming. Various garbage is then segregated and recycled. Glass bottles are segregated from plastic bottles as well as the assorted garbage ranging from biodegradable to non-biodegradable. All trash is collected by the District Council of Teignbridge.

Without the efforts of these people, the rubbish could pile up and cause more damage to Devon. Everyone, especially the drivers, is encouraged not to litter garbage and is advised to keep the trashes inside the car until they can go home. After the clean-up, the moorland and woods became clean again. This could potentially result in more visitors and guests in Devon.


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