Death of a Warrior: A Tribute


Aged 33, Mel Bray who has been suffering from stage 3 breast cancer, was found on her death bed in March 2017.

She was a Camborne resident and a mother of five. Her kids were aged 12-20, including four daughters and a son. She was well-known around the city as she has been battling with cancer for quite a long time and was also raising awareness about the disease.

When the long-fought battle ceased, her family together with the whole town grieved. Every year since then, they have been conducting mini tributes to Mel through the commemoration of her works and deeds.

At the early afternoon of August 3 (Saturday), a city-wide tribute was made to remember her. Led by her family, supporters, cancer patients, and cancer survivors gathered at the Camborne recreation ground — a place very dear to Mel; it is where she used to bring her kids for picnics and small bondings.

Camborne City Mayor David Wilkins gave respect by revealing a plaque on a bench in commemoration of Mel Bray. This plaque was received by Janet, Mel’s mom, in place of her daughter.

The tribute has always been held during Mel’s birthday. They honor her a song and give her what they think she likes — sharing awareness about cancer, encouraging one another, and adopting rescued animals. Mel was an animal lover. She loves rescue operations and also loves giving these animals a warm shelter.

Today, her family continues her good deeds and continuously donates and volunteers to help organisations and fundraising events that are intended to help the cancer patients’ community.

As much as her family and kids miss her, the whole cancer patients’ community does too. She has been an inspiration not only to these people but also to the entire society as a whole.

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