Coronavirus deaths soar as new cases slowed down in Bristol area

Coronavirus deaths soar as new cases slowed down in Bristol area

Coronavirus’s new case rate in Bristol has gone half than usual but tallied deaths have increased dramatically this week. In the last twenty-four chart from the government’s coronavirus statistics poll, five additional deaths were recorded while new cases drop quickly in the area. Alongside South Gloucestershire and North Somerset, Bristol will have eased lockdown restrictions should the dropping new case trend continue within a couple of weeks.

Being one of the twenty regions with high coronavirus disease cases, the Department of Health and Social Care has now placed the region within the fiftieth highest new case rates, with only two hundred cases per a thousand people. The only baffling concern in the region now is to control the COVID-related death toll. Three more deaths were added to the count within the last twenty-four hours. This was an addition to the five deaths recorded on 28 November, which is highest in a day since May of this year. A total of 207 deaths were recorded in Bristol since the start of the pandemic alarm in the region.

Over the weekend, eighty-three new cases were tallied that brings the total number of cases in the region to 15,184. While the number of new cases looks exorbitant, it is the lowest since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s also a notable drop from last week’s lowest case count at ninety-three.

Currently, Bristol is placed under Tier 3 quarantine restrictions. As of the beginning of last week, 23 to 24 November, the seven-day rolling case rate is down at 226.2, which was normally way over 400 in November.

Counting of coronavirus-related deaths also varies with the official statistic polls from the government. As of the 28th of November, the total number of deaths is 207. The data varies on two instances of COVID-related deaths – one is directly related to the coronavirus infection. The other is detected or released shortly after the death of any patient, which is up to twenty-eight days.


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