The First Grid-Connected Wind Planning of Cornwall


In the next two decades, the first grid-connected project of Cornwall is said to contribute to an annual reduction in carbon emissions of above 2,800 tonnes.

Centrica has been working since December 2016 with Western Power Distribution, Imperial College, University of Exeter, N-Side, and the National Grid as part of the initial efforts to adopt renewable energy.

The 2.3 MW wind generator is Cornwall’s first intelligent grid-based turbine and a project of Cornwall’s Local Energy Market that has secured 11.5 million pounds in European Union funding.

Their plan is for the wind turbine to provide electricity to customers through an integrated online energy market for convenience.

Roughly 37 percent of renewable energy is now generated by the Cornwall Council, up from only 6 percent last 2009.

The planning is managed and operated by the Cornwall Council with a 1 MW energy storage facility.

The cabinet member for climate change, Edwina Hannaford, said that the renewable energy produced by this wind turbine would be 2.3 MW in the amount of energy that will be supplying over 1,100 Cornish homes but will count towards the ambitious plans of Cornwall for its carbon neutrality by 2030.

It will also act as a testing ground for the smart grid project to demonstrate how our local energy markets in Cornwall can better use all renewable energy sources to help companies save money on using energy from conventional sources.

This effort that the council of Cornwall has started is a part of a series of programs, including investment in geothermal power infrastructure of Eden Project and United Downs.

The LEM Program Manager of Centrica, Dan Nicholls, added that the collaboration between Cornwall Council and Centrica is a prime example of a way to work together between private and public sectors to help combat climate change.

Their primary goal is to combat the effects of climate change so future generations can benefit from it.




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