Singers Let Loose to Raise Funds for Local Zoo

Singers Let Loose to Raise Funds for Local Zoo

The City of Truro Male Choir members let loose in a recent video to help raise funds for the local Newquay Zoo.

Enlisting the help of Kernow King, a comedian and actor, the singing group performed the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” from the iconic Disney film, The Lion King, in a video entitled “The Frog Chorus.” The said video has already garnered over 9,000 views on YouTube where it was uploaded by the choir members.

Members of the choir learned each part during weekly virtual practices via the video conference tool, Zoom. Each part was then recorded and mixed by another member, Adam Delbridge-Smith. The Cornwall Community Foundation, along with the organization FEAST, also contributed to the production of the YouTube video.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, strict measures were enforced to ensure that each member remained safe during filming which took place in Boscawen Park. Filmmaker brothers Brett and Simon Harvey, along with Edward Rowe, were also involved in the production.

The video features all 39 choir members who were dressed in different types of jungle attire in the video. The choir’s musical director and international music composer, Mr Russell Pascoe, also participated, appearing in the video while being chased by a lion.

Mr Pascoe said that he and the choir members hoped that through this fundraising activity, people can have a good time and laugh while raising much-needed funding for the zoo. He also said that the production was also a way for the choir members to stay connected during this extremely difficult and stressful period.

The choir’s musical director also hoped that other singers in the community will be encouraged to try similar methods to keep their music, spirit, and social cohesion alive during this pandemic. To this end, he says the group will be circulating the video in the choral community to encourage others to follow their lead.

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