Passionate to Produce Top National Hunt Horse Racing: Cornwall Man’s Idea Sparks with Interest

Passionate to Produce Top National Hunt Horse Racing: Cornwall Man’s Idea Sparks with Interest

Back in the olden times, horseracing has been considered as a well-loved sport by many sports enthusiast because of the thrill it encompasses each time the competitors race while riding with their horses towards the finish line.

Until now, some people are still passionate about horses and horseracing despite the unpleasant news of some individuals that inflicted injury during the practice or even in the middle of the race.

Two horse enthusiasts and Natural Hunt producers, Peter and Lyn Inch, share their passion in producing the next racing superstars. The former shares to Athwenna Irons that finding a horse from the catalogue is an easy process, but the overriding part clearly needs pure luck.

Peter, now residing near Roche in Mid Cornwall, tells them that he always wanted to learn how to ride a horse but couldn’t afford himself to enrol to a riding school due to financial problems. Meanwhile, his wife, Lyn, had a pony and they started going out until they’ve been married for 52 years. Since their union, it’s always difficult for them not to have a horse as part of their companion.

Peter learned from the late Keith Lewis, a former trainer and the country’s one of the top bloodstock agents. He traveled with Keith to Ireland and that was when he fell in love with horseracing. What he learned about horseracing all came from Keith’s knowledge.

Peter opened his own security services that’s now managed by Matthew, his son, alongside his wife, Clare.

In 1996, Peter and Lyn bought their own horse after years of watching bids bartered from the sidelines. Since then, they have this undying passion for horseracing. Even after selling some of their horses, they still feel joyous seeing them and win races.

They never feel tired waking up each morning to tend to their horses due to their passion and love for it. By far, the only enemy they can think of that would hinder them from doing what they love is time. They’re aware that they are getting older, while the horses that come in are young.

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