Heroes in Newquay praised following the arrest of axe attacker

Heroes in Newquay praised following the arrest of axe attacker

The heroic witnesses in Newquay have been commended by the police for saving a man who was badly injured and lying helplessly after he was hacked by an axe.

The victim’s name is Patrick Kelly from Liverpool. He visited Cornwall to accompany his friend fishing when he was attacked by John Brew. The attack took place around the park in Mayfield estate, Newquay at approximately 6 PM on the 28th of June.

Kelly sustained very serious injuries on his legs and arms along with profuse bleeding. He was abandoned after the attack which was due to a dispute about drugs.

Brew has a criminal record and has been involved in violence and burglary cases. He was arrested at the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool just before he boarded on a plane to Amsterdam. He’s sentenced to 6 years and 9 months of imprisonment for wounding Kelly intentionally and for illegally carrying a dangerous weapon as well as other offences.

The attack took place following Kelly’s decision to buy heroin. Brew, Kelly, and another man met in the park. An argument took place, and Brew carried an axe and followed Kelly who tried to flee.

The chase was witnessed by horrified onlookers. Brew caught up with Kelly who fell to the ground helplessly. Brew delivered 3-4 blows to Kelly with his axe.

The attack was halted when a heroic witness threw a bin at Brew who then fled the scene by a Skoda.

Kelly was attended to by heroic witnesses, one of which ran from her living room with towels while another made a tourniquet from the lead of a dog to slow down the bleeding.

Kelly was taken to the hospital, and his broken limbs and several wounds were treated.

He has fully recovered from the attack; however, he refuses to cooperate with the investigation being carried out by the police.

The police expressed their appreciation for the quick response of the locals to Kelly’s aid. They also commented that Brew’s attack was not an incident that normally occurs, and Newquay remains a safe environment for its residents.

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