Duchess of Cornwall Commends ANI Scheme

Duchess of Cornwall Commends ANI Scheme

In a recent call with the SafeLives committee, Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla openly expressed her gratitude and appreciation toward the ‘Ask for ANI’ (Action Needed Immediately) program. The program supports many individuals who are currently experiencing domestic abuse.

Told about this scheme, the Duchess of Cornwall has been a fervent supporter. She even said that she is ready to aid the representatives as she patronizes the thriving program.

The Duchess said that the system was pure brilliance since the scheme was not only simple but also very effective.

Together with SafeLives pioneer Rachel Williams, chief executive, Suzanne Jacobs had been earnest in conveying their support against domestic abuse, particularly with its increasing rate amidst the pandemic.

According to Jacobs, the idea of opening support areas for the distressed victims had been out for discussion since the first lockdown.  She said that the scheme was in over 2,500 Boots stores as well as over 200 independent pharmacies.

Initially launched in the middle of January, Ask for Ani offers a private space for people who speak the code word -Ani. Supervised pharmacies have trained staff who can aid the individuals who approach for aid to call either the police or any domestic abuse centres.

During the call, the Duchess also commended Rachel Williams saying she was a superb spokesperson. This is because she suffered abuse, and was still willing to talk about it.

Rachel Williams, one of the pioneers, had endured domestic abuse for about 18 years. Shot by her abusive husband after divorce, Rachel also experienced the death of her son subsequently. Her story as a survivor has inspired the representatives by sharing her message of hope and aid.

In a recent update, the number of individuals coming for help is consistent with one person a day. Even Common Home Affairs Committee, Labour MP Yvette Cooper earlier reported that there is a “deeply troubling” rise in the account of domestic abuse. Calls made to National Domestic Abuse Helpline have increased to 34% beginning mid-year of 2020.

With no signs of decrease, SafeLives has been passionate about catering to individuals through this information.

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