Couple in Helston Turns Patch into a Planter

Derek Voller/ Geograph

A scruffy overgrown patch in the corner of Helston has been restored, courtesy of the couple Garth and Brenda Pascoe, and their friends.

After noticing that this certain area near Coronation Park had become overrun with untended plant life, the couple decided that this was something they can work on. With their initiative for community service and the help of their neighbors, Rob Bell and Alex Foreman, they did a facelift on the patch, turning it into a graveled plant feature.

Brenda said, “We just became so fed up with looking at a dying flower bed. One elderly chap who likes to sit at home and watch the world go by is delighted because it had become so overgrown that he had lost his view of Coronation Park.”

Their project had taken almost three months before it was finally accomplished, which was longer than they expected. The unforeseen delay was caused by a tree embedded right at the center of the area, which was yet to be discovered until they did. The help of a few other men in the neighborhood was also enlisted upon the removal and disposal of the said tree. While the team reconstructed the plot, Brenda assures that they made the upkeep to a minimum, and they had deliberately chosen local plants to attract wildlife and bees.

Garth and Brenda’s initiative led to more help from the community, some of which came in the form of donations. They were also given discounts from the RGB Building Supplies down at Porthleven for the two tonnes of gravel used. Trevena Cross Nurseries were as well tapped by the couple to supply the perennials to be planted in the area.

What used to be an overgrown patch of untended earth is now the landscaped corner of Helston. Situated just opposite the boating lake near the Porthleven road, it has attracted many of the residents from Furry Way, Park View Road, Castel Wary Close, Park Crescent and other nearby estates, proving that their work indeed made an impact to the community.


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