Cornwall welcomes £5m-footbridge of Tintagel Castle

Wicks and Ney & Partners/TheGuardian

The people of Cornwall takes pride in its most controversial and ambitious heritage project which is anticipated to open to the public this Sunday. This is the Tintagel Bridge of the Tintagel Castle in North Cornwall.

It was co-designed by William Matthews together with engineers Ney and Partners in Belgium. This was also mainly funded by the private donation of Julia and Hans Rausing to the English Heritage which amounted to £2.5m.

This £5m-footbridge consists of a peculiar walking surface that is made of 40,000 slate tiles which were arranged vertically in stainless steel trays. It also has a 4cm gap at the centre which enables the bridge to shrink in the heat and expand in the cold. Thus, it can withstand extreme temperatures.

The most beloved Tintagel Castle is said to charm around 250,000 visitors yearly. However, when the bridge was not yet around, the tourists would need to take the 148-step challenge just to get there. It can take 45 minutes to get from one side to the other which can really be frustrating and tiring.

The presence of the bridge will greatly help guests to visit the 13th-century Tintagel Castle with fun and convenience. Needless to say, people who seek for an added thrill to their adventure may still opt to choose the 148-step if they want to.

Tintagel Bridge was warmly welcomed by many, but there were still who expressed their criticisms. Some felt that the site was Disney-fied by the English Heritage.

Nevertheless, these remarks saddened the heart of Georgia Butters which is the Head of Historic Properties in Cornwall. She emphasized that they were just making an effort to encourage individuals to care about their historical heritage and not to make money and the like.

Now that the bridge will be finally available for public use, the English Heritage forecasts an increase in the influx of visitors. As a result, they have announced that they will be having a time-ticketing for the site.


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