Cornwall Motor Speedway celebrates its 50th anniversary


The loud sound emitted from the engines helped in the opening of Cornwall Motor Speedway racing completion on 19th May. This time around, it appears to be an exceptional race since it is marking its 50th anniversary. Public relation officer for Cornwall Motor Speedway, Martin Belanger, said they would be holding various occasions throughout the year.

These events will comprise of a modified competition on the 23rd of June, in which the winner will obtain a prize of $ 5,000, and the Cure Race on the 27th of August where the winner will get $ 12,000. Belanger said a lot of awards and cash were stored for these events.

More spectators expected to attend the events

Owners Jacques and Raymond have put a lot of effort into the venture. The public relation director yearns to return different past titleholders to the track. The organisation has devoted a lot of finance in the speedway, specifically in the infrastructure. Hundreds of onlookers gathered in the stands during the evening competition. The main objective of the Cornwall Motor Speedway is to draw more people from Cornwall and the neighbouring regions.

Belanger said they attract people from Quebec, and they are anticipating the number to multiply this year.

Cornwall race track to be cleared for the competition

At present, Cornwall has 12 new rookies which signify that the subsequent generation has begun to take part in the race. During the May 19 race, 33 race car riders participated. Despite dark clouds hanging for some time, the race was still completed successfully.

There were no cases of accidents apart from minor fender benders. C.D. Beauchamp, a driver who managed to conquer the 2018 competition, said he’s going squash it again this year. He further explained that he needed to block out everything on the Cornwall track to ensure a smooth race.


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