Vehicles that Use Diesel Could be Prohibited from Operating in Bristol City Center


A proposal branded “Clean Air Plan,” aimed at forbidding diesel motorcars in the Urban Center, is set to be discussed by Bristol City Committee.

The board will give to the Bristol Cabinet two Clean Air Zone choices. If this plan is executed, they will ban diesel vehicles from Bristol City Center.

The government has initiated a program to ensure people that they’ll inhale quality air. Option 1 and Option 2, which will help achieve this objective, will ensure that public vehicles are charged when in specific areas and diesel vehicles are banned respectively.

To fulfill the Euro 6 rules, Option 1 also aims to enhance the bus and cabs fleets of Bristol by availing alternative routes free from pollution and dispensing a targeted diesel embargo for the main road, which goes beyond the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Children’s Hospital.

Besides their plan to charge non-conforming vehicles including HGVs, the Option 1 proposal also entails the establishment of a bus track on the M32 and a native scrappage program grant for people who own older and non-compliant cars.

Apart from prohibiting cars that use diesel from going to specific central places within the city between 7 am and 3 pm, Option 2 suggests forbidding HGVs from utilizing particular, extremely polluted roads, giving bus significant precautions. Option 2 is also open to either swapping or improving all non-conforming public vehicles to satisfy the Euro Emission rules.

From 1 July, Bristol City Committee will unveil forty-two days for consultation with the residents regarding the proposal. The resultant local’s ideas will later be made available to the Cabinet in September.

In a speech, Marvin Rees said that the two options would allow the municipality to meet the targets set by the government to improve air quality in the city. The Mayor of Bristol added that he is eager to disclose a broader environmental scheme soon, where the residents will pledge to work in collaboration with the city associates for the advantage of everyone.


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