Widespread Thunderstorm Alert Issue Alerted by Met Office


Recent news from the Met Office reveals that Bristol could be battered by hails, terrestrial rains, and thunderstorms throughout the week. The yellow weather warning is said to affect several regions including North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, and Bath. What’s more, these warnings are said to come in full force Tuesday at 6 pm and will run until Wednesday 9 pm. Travelers are advised to be vigilant as it will cause disruption on the roads from flash flooding.

Besides, forecasters also predict that the wild weather will also cause more major havocs including power cuts, difficult driving conditions, road closures, and many more. Met’s Office spokesman informed that Tuesday Evening will experience heavy thunderstorms. He added that the most affected region will be the Southern England parts. The situation will develop widely overnight and is expected to have cleared by Wednesday morning.

Met’s spokesman further informed that further storms may be expected in other areas during Wednesday afternoon after a drier interlude. Some of the affected regions will be from the Southeastern parts of England. Although raining and flooding might have the largest impact, the spokesman made aware that gusty winds, lightning, and hail might also be additional hazards.

Statistics reveal that the weather warning sign in the Northern and Southern England comes ahead of a warmer weather forecast that was expected to return later in the week to the Bristol region. Additionally, temperatures are also expected to fall drastically.

As a result, the region is expected to experience heavy rains of around 15mm up to 30mm. However, rains of up to 50mm could also fall in some areas across Bristol. The expected temperatures are said to read in the 20s which is quite low for anyone looking for outdoor activity. For these reasons, ensure you don yourself with the right gear for a cold week ahead.


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