Stunning 90-Second Film Captures Bristol Culture in 2019

Stunning 90-Second Film Captures Bristol Culture in 2019

There was a contest that was held in Bristol. What was interesting is that the participants were just given 90 seconds to seize the true essence of living in Bristol.

The winner of this competition was a young man named Patch de Salis. This contest was open to everyone below the age of 30. Patch, who only turned 20, was one of the youngest participants of the said event.

The 90-second video impressed the judges so much since it truly displayed the culture of Bristol — from the view to the hobbies to the regular stuff that people do in their day-to-day lives.

The briefing was to yield a 90-second animation or video which is fitting for use on social media. The film was to capture the essence of Bristol and why Bristol is the best place to be.

Patched mentioned that he was confident that he would win the competition. He, together with his brother and friends, made this film possible.

The main part of his film was Patch’s friend named Urban Mckenzie. Urban also starred in one of Patch’s films called The Wheel Deal. Urban played the man pulling a wheelie on a carnival day through the streets of St. Paul.

Patch also have two jobs. He works part-time at breakfast and at St. Peter and Paul School after school. This gave him the time to do his most loved interests, which are making films and music.

With the win from Film Our City, a part of UNESCO City of Film in Bristol, he is hoping for a career boost in film and music. Patch is currently making a documentary about homelessness in Bristol and is trying to go beyond his limits to make such documentaries.

Winning the contest has opened the doors for career opportunities for Patch. He stated that he is extremely happy with the win and would like to have his own documentary crew and travel the world making films about the real lives of people.

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