Many Raise Concerns Over Bristol’s Plan To Ban Diesel


Bristol’s plan to ban diesel has raised concerns and criticisms and has even described as a stupid plan by some residents.

On Tuesday, Bristol became first out of all the cities in the United Kingdom to propose a diesel ban in hopes of reducing air pollution.

The ban is to go into effect in 2021 for all diesel cars that are privately owned and are from the central zones during the daytime as city council has approved the outline plan.

The Bristol authority are insistent that this plan is necessary for the reduction of air pollution, which is not only beneficial for the health of the general public, but is also the legal obligation of the city.

The people who have raised concerns include the local residents, hospital visitors and business owners.
There have not been details released yet about the fines that will be implemented if people opt not to comply, or if there will be people exempted from the diesel ban.

Not everyone has objected to the diesel ban. Some people who are concerned about the levels of pollution have welcomed it warmly. Christina Briggs, who is a worker at Bristol Clean Air Alliance said her and her team are supportive of the plan because it will affect both the rich and the poor.

Many of the criticisms have been about how the plan will affect the city centre’s low-income businesses and families.

Business West’s Matt Griffith is concerned over how the ban will affect traffic.

Concerns about how Bristol Royal Infirmary and Children’s Hospital would be affected have arisen. Both hospitals are situated near the ban zone’s boundary.

However, these concerns were dealt with by the spokesperson the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation appointed, who ensured the public that patient care will not be disrupted and the hospitals will continue to function smoothly.


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