Bristol Shortlisted as One of the Best Food Destinations in the World

Bristol Shortlisted as One of the Best Food Destinations in the World
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The results included Bristol for the Food Trekking Awards of 2019 as announced by the World Food Travel Association, making it the only city in the United Kingdom to be part of the line-up for semi-finalists.
After five wonderful years of celebrating innovation and excellence in the industry of food tourism, the World Food Travel Association has been eyeing the blossoming restaurant scene of the city, particularly the developed programmes under the organization of Destination Bristol. Such work undertaken has earned the city an award of acknowledgment for being shortlisted in the “Best Food or Beverage Destination of the Year” category.
Destination Bristol’s Tourism chief, Kathryn Davis, expressed her delight for the recognition of their hard work. The organization has had two long years of productivity and efficiency as they developed strategies to boost the Food Tourism of Bristol, and having been shortlisted for an international award brought them so much inspiration and gratitude.
Bristol’s food scene has had 2019 as its most innovative and productive year, beginning it all with being consequently bestowed the title of the worldwide Vegan Capital in January. The city’s sector for food and drink has been boosted under the spearheading of Destination Bristol, and its growth continued with two restaurants included in the best 50 food places in the food guide by Good Waitrose for 2020. Both of these restaurants, including three more, make up the Michelin-star-rated food places in Bristol.
Destination Bristol has as well led many festivities dedicated to the people’s love for good food, with the Foodies Festival, the Coffee House Project, the year-long Love Food event, and the Bristol Food Connections to name a few. With this much activity bustling in the Bristol food scene, being shortlisted to such as award is a well-deserved feat.
The announcement of winners will be held at the FoodTreX London Food Travel Innovation Summit on the 3rd of November. A representative from Bristol brewery Moor Beer Company, Mr. Justin Hawke, is expected to be one of the event’s speakers. Destination Bristol competes alongside 29 other food and drink sector organizations all over the world.

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