Propositions of Converting Morgan House and an Old Library in Bridgewater into Flats

Propositions of Converting Morgan House and an Old Library in Bridgewater into Flats

Breakthrough new propositions have been submitted which could bring about huge and major changes to the Morgan House and The Old Library in Bridgewater.

Plans have already been submitted for the redevelopment of the site on Mount Street which includes the Morgan House to be converted and further developed to another 10 flats and The Old Library Building into additional nine flats.

Aside from these propositions, there were also plans to build a number of homes and another two little blocks of flats on the site.

These will include a two-storey L-shaped building with four flats and three homes, a three-storey block with six flats on the Northeaster side of the site, and another two-storey building with four homes.

This means, that all in all the site will be able to accommodate 36 private houses.

The Old Library, as well as the Morgan House, inhabit a rectangular patch of land which is approximately around 1.2 acres in the town centre of Bridgewater.

Morgan House, which was the Registry Office of Bridgwater in the past, is a two-storey building. The developers claimed that it could develop a minimum of five units, but most probably could be around six units, will be offered for housing at a reasonable price.

The developers are looking for other means for access; however, due to the complications that may come up in making alterations to the layout of Mount Street, it was decided to preserve the existing access.

Due to the fact that The Old Library is still listed as Grade II, there is no way that it could be demolished. So, they have come to the agreement that the Morgan House should stay in place as well because of its prominence within the town center street scene and the fondness of a lot of residents who have shared their matrimonial vows in the area.

If you want to check out the plans, you can visit the Sedgemoor District Council website and look for the application number in the planning section which is 08/20/00061.


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