How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Year

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Year
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Whatever you might say about 2020, one thing that’s irrefutable is that we’ve all had a good deal more time on our hands than usual. We’re seeing friends less, travelling less, commuting less, and heading into work less. This means that there has been plenty of time for us to reflect and to reconsider our priorities in a changing world. One of those, for millions of young people and families, is helping save the climate – and the guide below is on what you can do to your home in order to make it more energy efficient in 2020 and beyond.

Solar Panels

This one is always smirked at in the UK, where the populace is typically bitter about not seeing all that much sun. But, in truth, this has been one of the brightest, hottest, and sunniest years on record – and the UK saw an extended summer that ran from early spring to late September. This left plenty of hours for solar panels to earn their keep – drawing that renewable energy from the sun and saving households that had already made the investment hundreds of pounds in energy bills.


One of the big drawbacks to homes built before the 1980s is that they are fitted with incredibly poor insulation, to the extend that a huge amount of heat is lost through their walls. Heating such homes is an exercise in cash-burning, with heat simply slipping through poor materials and into the wider environment. If your home isn’t incredibly good at holding its heat, this will be why: your insulation will be poor, non-existent, or in need of replacing. Purchase new insulation and carefully pack it into walls, floors and ceilings to make your home that bit cosier this winter.

Better Windows

The other place from which your home is going to be losing a substantial amount of heat is through the windows. For any home without modern windows, even insulation in your walls will be fairly useless – heat will simply fly out through single-paned windows that were fitted over 20 years ago. It’s far better to get double-glazed windows that have been specifically designed to keep heat in your home – and the cold outside. Install double glazing for cheap by contacting a glazier near you, and getting the workmen in right away to save you on bills this winter.

Lights and Appliances

You were taught it in school, or your kids have been: turn off the lights when you leave a room. There’s always an economic incentive to doing this, as well as an environmental one. You’ll save cash at the same time as saving the climate – and that should be incentive enough for you to adjust your energy use in your home. The same goes for dishwashers and other appliances: only run them when they’re full to the brim, and turn them off as soon as they’re not in use. This will save a considerable amount of energy over the course of a year.

Use these four tips to boost the eco-friendly credentials of your home this winter.

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