Housing scheme to create 450 opportunities in Bridgwater – claims developer

Housing scheme to create 450 opportunities in Bridgwater – claims developer

The developer claims the upcoming housing scheme will create over 450 employment opportunities in the historic market town.

This week, Persimmon Homes Severn Valley began its 148-property Westminster Walk construction project at the Kings Down site in Bridgwater. The first set of houses has been completed and put up for sale, and several buyers have already expressed interest.

Rated among UK’s most successful developers, Persimmon Homes has announced that the project will offer jobs to 459 individuals living within Bridgwater. The company obtained these numbers from the statistical information issued by the Home Builders Federation or HBF, a representative association for private builders within England and Wales.

According to the federation, at least three workers within the town will be assured of jobs for each housing unit that the construction company puts up. These jobs will be offered either directly, indirectly or through induction depending on the requirements of the company.

The head salesperson at Persimmon Homes Severn Valley, Carly Spear says that they are glad to have finally launched this phenomenal and life-changing housing scheme within one of the major towns and manufacturing centres in Somerset.

He adds that the Westminster Walk project will provide the much-required modern housing within the region. Once completed, it will provide an excellent opportunity for the locals to settle within the town.

Additionally, the 459 employment opportunities will help improve the general well-being of the locals within the area. “We are also glad to have embarked on a project that will positively impact the economy of Bridgwater through real estate”, he says. As a result, individual businesses will also be impacted as more people demand certain basic needs within the town.

Each of the 148-property project houses features either two, three or four bedrooms. According to Carly, demand for these new houses is likely to be very high. The construction company has made this prediction from the previous experiences it has gained doing similar projects within the region. More information about this is available on Persimmon Homes’ website.

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