An Extraordinary Experience of a Letting agent from Bridgwater to Britney Spear’s former estate

An Extraordinary Experience of a Letting agent from Bridgwater to Britney Spear’s former estate

It was a long yet memorable journey for a little lettings agent in Bridgwater to showcase Britney Spear’s former mansion in California.

Letting agent Emily Evans was given a slot to host a ‘through the keyhole’ segment of Good Morning Britain, a famous ITV breakfast show, which was shown yesterday.

Emily started her journey as a lettings agent in Somerset at the tender age of 20 years old, and after years of experienced, she has already created her own business. In 2014, she also started creating a property portfolio in the local area. Presently, at the age of 30 years old, she has been successful in her career path, so far. 

Since 2014, she has announced herself as an expert of properties, a trusted commentator on the media, and a TV host on a channel called Property TV. Moreover, she was also famous in newspapers like The Sun and Metro newspapers.  

Her exposure in the media and her years of practice as a professional agent have been the means for her to be on top of her game.  A reliable proof for that is being part of the show Good Morning Britain. Evans took a long flight to Los Angeles, USA to take a look at the former estate of the well-known pop star princess Britney Spears, which was a long journey from her previous office locations in Bridgwater. 

Evans was given a three-minute slot in Good Morning Britain’s show, and she showed how she marveled at the size of Britney’s old mansion in Los Angeles with its expensive chandeliers. She also took a look at her swimming pool and bedroom. 

The mansion is on the market for an expensive price of $7.5 million. The mansion is famous as it has been featured in a documentary about Britney Spear’s revival as a star after suffering from some health challenges mentally.  

If you weren’t able to watch the show, you can watch Emily’s part on her Youtube account. 


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