A Dozen of False Widow Spiders Found by A Man in His Garden in Bristol

A Dozen of False Widow Spiders Found by A Man in His Garden in Bristol

Paul Eamer, a 47-year-old man living in Southmead, spoke about how appalling it was for him to find, not one, but a dozen of false widow spiders in his garden. It happened when he was doing work in his garden this week. He was the usual clearing when he discovered the bunch of false widow spiders behind a wood after pulling it.

Paul said that it had been a shock for him to discover the spiders behind the wood; especially that he doesn’t really like them. He continued to say that most of them were quite small, although some were the size of a ten pence piece, but that didn’t stop him from feeling shocked. He added that he had felt like he chanced upon some kind of a nest for the false widow spiders, given the number of them that he had found.

He had been able to recognize the spider because he came face to face with one a few years back. He said that while they’re known to be harmless, they could still give a good scare when they’re seen for the first time. He continued on to say that there are children playing in the back yard and he wouldn’t want them to encounter any.

Most of the spiders ran away after having realized that their nest had been found. However, Paul didn’t want to take any chances, so he opened the other fence panels for the whole night in order to give the other spiders the chance to go and find a new spot for themselves – somewhere not in his car, preferably.

Contrary to what is known and believed about its relatives, the black widow spiders, false widow spiders do not have the capability to harm humans despite their bite.  Although a guide by Natural History Museum says that these spiders do have a poisonous bite – just not powerful and poisonous enough.

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