A 12-Bedroom Tudor Manor House in Dorset is now for Sale

A 12-Bedroom Tudor Manor House in Dorset is now for Sale

For those who are a fan of old and grand mansions, a 12-Bedroom manor house in Dorset, looking like it came out from a fairytale picture book, is now for sale. Just in the heart of Dorset, the Athelhampton house is ready for its new owners.

The great house has a 15th-century vibe to it. The architecture is beautifully and meticulously created. It has a magnificent timbered roof with heraldic glass that was built before the 1500s. Despite it being old, it’s still standing solidly for all eyes to see, making it an excellent building full of history and character.

Inside, you can gaze at the towering timbered ceilings and large windows. The house also has an enormous fireplace, stone staircase, and a convenient wine cellar to store all those vintage bottles. In addition, the house has a games area with a pool table for entertaining guests. For dinner parties, it has a spacious dining room and eight accompanying bathrooms that have free-standing, golden bathtubs.

One of the most sought-after features of the house is its 12 bedrooms. Each room is decorated with tasteful furniture and accessories. The rooms have wooden features and matching woven rugs, making them look royal and cozy at the same time.

On the outside, the estate has a large open area where a cottage and the gardens are situated. The cottage, built in the western side of the grounds, also has its own rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and a sitting room for the guests. The gardens, on the other hand, has a lawn space, pasture, riverside, and woodland area, making them a wonderful and convenient space for outdoor activities.

Indeed, this elegant house is one of England’s grandest Tudor manor estates. Currently, the property is open for buyers and costs £ 7,500,000.

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