Workers of Bristol Revealed their “Worst” Jobs


We know that success requires a single step and getting out of our comfort zone. That said, the Bristolians have been asked about the steps they took in taking different jobs. Some claimed that those experiences have made them who they are now. However, some argued that they will only make fun of that experience because it was useless.

“What was the worst job you ever had?”. This was a question that engaged the workers of Bristol in sharing their worst job experiences. A lot of answers are almost awful, but some are extremely awful. These jobs could range from cleaning someone else’s puke to enduring the shouts of their bosses every day. Their worst job experiences were hell for others but a blessing for some.

A woman with the worst experience shared about working in a nightclub. She was 18 years old at that time when she was tasked to scrape the pukes off the carpets at 6 AM and clean a room full of mirrors. Another woman appealed that working as a hostess would be the worst. She argued that she was not only required to clean pukes but also feces and pees of lazy people.

In addition to this, a doctor’s surgeon pointed out that her job was worst. For some reason, she needed to work with a lot of people who are always at war with each other. Some disagreed because being a doctor’s surgeon is one of their dreams. We can’t blame them though.

The worst job experience in an ice cream chain was revealed by a Facebook user. Working on 8 hours with no pay and no job could be a very traumatic experience. Some also expressed their cry when they experienced working in evil call centers that brought them big challenges in life.

The mentioned experiences are only some of the awful stories. The list may go on with other even more terrible experiences added.


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