Wiltshire traffic wardens to wear CCTV Cameras


Traffic Wardens in Wiltshire will soon add body-worn cameras to their service kits. The decision which compels the civil enforcement officers to wear the body-worn cameras is to ensure they are maximally protected while rendering judicious services.

Official information from the council says it decided to make the provisions to ‘deter aggressive behaviour and verbal and physical abuse’ towards their staff.

Footage from the camera will help police investigations if officers are abused, the statement said.

According to Bridget Wayman, Cabinet member for highways,”The benefits of body-worn video cameras are huge.

“We will do everything we can to prosecute anyone who feels it is acceptable to behave aggressively or abusively towards our officers.

“Our civil enforcement officers play a vital role in keeping traffic flowing, being a visible presence, and encouraging people to park appropriately. They should not have to tolerate such behaviour while carrying out their duties.”

The council says it will clearly identify the cameras as CCTV devices.



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